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Selling Ahwatukee Real Estate

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My name is David Baker, and I have been a professional real estate agent in the Phoenix area since 2004.  In that time I have closed hundreds of real estate transactions on single family homes, condos, townhomes, homes on acreage, multi-family and land.  My goal is to help both buyers and sellers meet their real estate goals.  It is because I do work with buyers, and market to buyers, that we are even more important to sellers.  We often time have buyers for our listings!  This can save our sellers money!

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We KNOW what makes homes sell in Ahwatukee Arizona

We know what it takes to get homes sold in Ahwatukee Arizona.  Pricing a home right, marketing the home to a larger audience, and how the home shows are some of the HUGE factors in getting a property sold.  It is important that you work with a realtor that is a true professional and can get it done!

An Ahwatukee Realtor will have a proven track record of past sales, testimonials, and access to all the tools needed to sell Awhatukee homes for top dollar!

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Consult with a professional Realtor

When you consult with a professional realtor, you can talk about the real estate market in the Ahwatukee Arizona area in depth.  In addition, when you consult with a true Ahwatukee real estate professional, you will gain the knowledge of the market, how to get a home maximum exposure, best strategies for selling and negotiating a better NET figure, and of course answer all your questions regarding selling your Ahwutukee home.

I am a professional realtor specializing in the Phoenix, Ahwatukee and South Phoenix areas.  I am a bilingual real estate agent, Spanish and English, with over 16 years experience working with both buyers and sellers in our area.

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A PROVEN Pricing Strategy

A true real estate professional will use proven strategies to make sure and get the MOST ACCURATE sales price possible.  

It is not just enough to punch an address into Zillow and expect a home value that is produced to be accurate.  It is not enough to use any point and click option to get an accurate home value.

A proven strategy for pricing a home requires work in determining similar homes that:  have sold, are currently for sale, and even homes currently under contract.  Combining all this information you can zero in on the most realistic home value and even likely sales price.

Knowledge is POWER and MORE MONEY

Ahwatukee Arizona Real Estate

The BEST decisions are made with having the BEST information, the most accurate and up to date.  When it comes to selling your Ahwatukee Arizona property, I provide all the latest information, including market trends,  helping you make the smartest decision regarding your real estate transaction.

Your best source of reliable real estate information will be one of your local REALTORS.  Yes, we have access to all the latest housing information and can sit down and make sure any decision you make is an informed decision.  This will include the current real estate market, housing values and market trends, what repairs can and should be made, what improvements will give you the best return (or whether any should be done at all).

Fill out the information below to request your free consultation, and lets see if this is the right time for you to sell.