Ahwatukee Az Homes for Sale

This page on my Ahwatukee Az website will be dedicated to all things pertaining to the buying of real estate in the Ahwatukee Arizona community.  Of course this will include all homes, condos, townhomes, estates currently for sale in the Ahwatukee area.

In addition we will look at where is Ahwatukee Arizona is located, and why you would want to consider Ahwatukee as a place to live.  We will also review what the process of buying a home looks like in Ahwatukee, so you, as a home buyer knows what to expect.  As a buyer, you will also want to understand the current real estate trends, so we will review the market conditions.  Lastly, I'll tell you who I am, and how I help my buyers!!

Ahwatukee Arizona Homes and Properties

Ahwatukee Homes for Sale

In Ahwatukee Arizona you will find real estate consisting of: single family homes, condos, townhomes, and luxury estates

When it comes to homes for sale in Ahwatukee Arizona, all buyers are wanting ONE thing above all others - to see homes available for sale.

Buyers want lists of homes that are currently for sale in the Ahwatukee real estate market, and that those properties be ACTIVE and for sale, and NOT homes that are already under contract.  

Experience over years of helping buyers has shown, most buyers don't want to waste their time on homes that are not available!

The BEST place to search for homes for sale in the Ahwatukee Az area, is ARMLS.  ARMLS is the Arizona Real Estate Multiple Listing Service, which is what real estate agents use to promote all properties that are for sale at any given time.  Of course the "MLS" as it is called, also has abundant information about homes under contract and past sales.  For purposes of this quick article, buyers are interested in the ability to search for and find homes or properties currently for sale.

Click the below "Access the MLS", to search for homes with the same tool realtors use on a daily basis.  This will provide any home buyer, the opportunity to access the MLS, and see all homes the are currently for sale in the MLS.  This system is updated instantly, with any and all changes done to properties by agents in the ARMLS area.  It is THE MOST reliable and robust system any one can use to find available homes for sale in Ahwatukee or for that matter all the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Doing a custom search, and having to manually make changes may not be your top choice.  Maybe you would prefer to just click on pre-set searches of available homes for sale in Awhatukee Az, and be able to peruse those listings.  If that is the case, below you will find pre-made custom searches which show current homes, condos, townhomes, luxury homes and pretty much all types of Ahwatukee real estate which is currently for sale.

Below find PRE MADE SEARCHES consisting of: single family homes, condos, townhomes, and luxury estates

Ahwatukee Arizona - where is Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee Arizona

Where is Ahwatukee Arizona?

Ahwatukee Arizona - Location - Some Quick Information

Ahwatukee Arizona, is a urban village/suburb of the Metropolitan Phoenix area.  It is bordered by South Mountain to the North, I-10 to the East, and the Gila Indian community to the South. 

The new 202 South Mountain freeway has really opened up the Ahwatukee to a LOT more people.  Commutes now to most places of the valley are EASY!  

The Ahwatukee Arizona community is served by both the Kyrene School district as well as the Tempe district.  Elementary and middle schools are part of the Kyrene School district.  High schools are part of the Tempe Union high school district.

The Buying Process

Buying a home is generally the most expensive purchase most people will make, and it would be wise the understand the process!

Regardless of whether you are buying a home, condo, townhome or even land in Ahwatukee, or considering real estate in any other part of the Metro Phoenix area,  this process should be the same.


The first place to begin your Ahwatukee home search is with financing.  If you are a cash buyer, please proceed to the next step - the financing step will not be of concern.

Talk to a lender and have them get you qualified for buying a home.  We real estate agents call this being "prequaled or prequalified".  All banks tend to have mortgage lenders, so if you have a particular bank with which you conduct your banking, feel free to reach out to them about getting a loan for buying a home.  All of us realtors also have lenders that we have worked with over our many years in the industry that we would be happy to refer.  I have multiple lenders with whom I have worked that do an exceptional job at both getting my buyer clients prequalified, and of course making sure to fund the real estate transaction in a timely manner.  I would be happy to refer several lenders for potential buyers to consider.

It is really key to make sure you have a good lender.  A good lender can help you save time and money.  A lender that does not do their job well can cost you money, a lot of frustration, and ultimately and could cost you the home you desire.

What does being prequalified mean?

If you are prequalified to buy a home, you have spoken to a lender and met their requirements to being able to finance a home.  Beyond the initial conversation, a lender will pull your credit report to verify a potential buyer meets the minimum requirements for financing.  In addition a lender will typically have buyer fill out an application, which includes income and expenses.

Should lender provide you with a letter of prequalification, you are GOLDEN!!  A buyer with a prequalification is set to be able to make offers on properties.  A prequalification letter is a green light to be able to begin your home search process, because you are approved for financing in your real estate transaction.

Finding a Realtor to help with your  Ahwatukee Arizona real estate transaction

When it comes to working with a realtor, there a couple of things I think all buyers should consider.  Maybe link to my google business profile see if it helps ranking.

1. Work with realtor that has knowledge of the area, in this case, an Ahwatukee Realtor.

2. Work with a real estate agent that understands the real estate market and trends.

3. Work with a realtor who communicates!

4. Work with real estate agent who can offer you options?  Lender discounts, pre MLS homes, proven buying strategy

5. Work with a real estate agent who can really help, and give guidance, the process, the rights, the obligations you as a buyer have during the real estate transaction.

Your Home or Property Search

The best way to go about your home, property or real estate search is to use the MLS (multiple listing service).  As a realtor working in the Ahwatukee Arizona area, I freely give my clients access to the MLS.  With the MLS, home buyers can see any and all homes that are currently for sale in Ahwatukee Arizona.  
The MLS will give you the power to search homes, properties, rental properties, land & lots, and real estate both residential and even commercial.  Truth is, the MLS is one of the best and is the most powerful tool at a real estate agents disposal.  Do you want to get access to the MLS and all can provide you?  Click below.

Making an Offer

Your real estate agent can help with making an offer on an Ahwatukee property of interest.  Below is my suggestion as to how I would go about the offer process.

Once you have found THE PROPERTY of choice, begin doing some research on comparable properties in the area, so you can determine current market value of the subject property (home of choice).  Any good real estate agent, will want to make sure their buyers are making an offer that makes sense.  Ideally I look for homes that have sold recently and are within 20% above or under in livable square footage, lot size, age of home, and as many other similar aspects to home as possible.  The closer the the comparable, the better idea of current market value you can achieve.

One of the items in choosing a real estate agent to help with your Ahwatukee real estate search, was to have an agent that understand the real estate market and trends.  Knowing the value of the home and the market trends in the Ahwatukee area, you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible regarding your offer.

Offer - Accepted - Now What?

There are really a couple of things that happen once you have an accepted offer on a property, at least there are 2 major things that a buyer needs to take advantage of during the following days.

First, a home buyer in the Ahwatukee Arizona area, has the right to have home inspected.  Per the Arizona Association of realtor purchase contract, both parties have agreed to a 10 day period of time for buyer to do their due diligence.  During the inspection period (or due diligence period) buyer at their expense can home inspected for physical condition, environmental condition, or any other inspection a buyer may deem appropriate and of importance.  During this period of time, a home buyer will also want to check any other items they may deem important.

Once a home inspection has been completed, and the buyer is satisfied with their findings, both buyer and their realtor can try to negotiate any repairs buyer finds are needed.  This is a 2nd negotiation, and asking for repairs does not mean the seller will agree.

Next Step in Buying - The Appraisal

If you are financing the Ahwatukee Az home, you will 100% need to have an appraisal performed.  Generally, I don't like ordering the appraisal until after the home inspection has been completed.  Once the condition of home has been determined, and any repairs have been negotiated - that is when I'm ready to have the lender order the appraisal.

As a buyer, there really is NOTHING that you have to do at this stage.  Your lender will be informed to go ahead and order the appraisal, and then we wait.  An appraiser will go out to home, look at home, and then do their work to figure the the current market value of the property in Ahwatukee.

You know it is done, when lender informs you the your Ahwatukee property has APPRAISED.

Final Steps in buying process

You have now:

1. Done the inspections on your soon to be Ahwatukee Home.

2. The appraisal has been completed!

3.  Any agreed upon repairs by both parties are being done at this time.

At this stage of the real estate purchase transaction, it really becomes a waiting game.  As mentioned above, all the inspections for the property have been completed, and any repairs have been negotiated.  In addition the lender has already ordered and received a copy of the appraisal, which we can assume has met the terms of the purchase contract.  At this time, the seller of the Ahwatukee residence is hopefully taking care of the repairs and we are waiting till the agreed upon close of escrow date.

Lender at this stage be completing all their required work to make sure and meet the close of escrow date on this Ahwatukee Arizona property.  Be ready to maybe turn over a couple of last minute documents (updated paystubs, new bank statements or other requested documents).  Lender will do a final underwriting review, and upon completion and approval the lender will send loan documents to title.

Once all loan documents are at title, the escrow officer will call to schedule you to signing.  Title company or escrow officer will provide you with instructions on what will need to be done, but here are a couple of things to expect.  You will need to take a valid form of United States form of identification (drivers license, passport...etc).  Title company will also indicate whether you need funds (money) to close the loan on your end.  The most commonly used forms to pay these funds are to send a wire transfer (title provides wire instructions) or a cashiers check made out to title company.

Congratulations - You have signed on the Purchase of your Ahwatukee Property

To summarize, at this point you have inspected, appraised, and now signed loan documents and turned in any funds needed for the purchase of the property you found for sale in Ahwatukee Arizona.  Now, you are just waiting for the loan to fund and for title to transfer ownership of the property into YOUR NAME!!!!

Your Ahwatukee real estate agent, will call and advise as soon as the property has been recorded.  Once recorded, then realtor can provide you keys to your new Ahatukee Property!!  Congratulations - its all done.